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همگام با کشاورزی پایدار وسودآور

sabzjonub Amirarsam

NPK & PROFER6نماینده انحصاری

همگام با كشاورزي پايدار و سوداور

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PROFERنماینده انحصاری

sabzjonub Amirarsam

sabzjonub Amir Areasam has been active in the field of importing, supplying and distributing agricultural inputs in Iran for nearly three decades. The company aims to realize sustainable agricultural production, increase the yield of various crops and gardens per unit area and provide health Consumers have begun their activity.

The technical experts of this collection, in cooperation with scientific centers, are always looking for the best solutions for sustainable agriculture, consumer health care and production of operational programs for the production of fully organic and healthy foods.


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Fars – Shiraz – Three Modest Roads – Ferdowsi Street – Soroush Complex – Next to National Bank – Unit 16
Phone Call: 071-32228191 – 2
Fax: 071-32232213

sabzjonub Amirarsam

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