The South Green Solopotas child with a standardized percentage and analyzed 52% potash (TE52-0-0) with micro foods or TE, which can be used for all sorts of crops, crops and gardens during growth.
SoloPTAS, as a substance free from other main nutrients, allows the use and utilization of potassium to the extent required at each stage of plant growth, while simultaneously providing the plant’s requirements to the sulfate to the extent required, and in the irrigation system of the droplet And alkaline-earth soils, the acidity of the area around the roots, and the absorption of phosphate and micronutrients in the soil facilitates the small amount of this fertilizer.

Guaranteed analysis ( W/V)

Potassium (K2O)


Suitable for air tensions
Suitable for coloring and increasing the size of the fruit
It contains the necessary micronutrients
You have EDTA and DTPA cheat
Instantly dissolved in water
Applicable to all irrigation systems
Free from any contamination with chlorine, sodium and heavy metals
Causes solubility and absorption of phosphorus, iron and micronutrients by plant roots.
Compatibility: Mixable with most pesticides and can be used in all aquatic systems.

Amount and method of use


Irrigation (kg / ha)

Spraying (kg / 1000 liters)

Cucurbits (Tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.)



Fruit trees, vineyards and citrus