Amino acid is a water-soluble powder that can be used for all crops and gardens in leaf and water.

Guaranteed analysis( W/V)

Amino acid

90 %

Organic matter


Total nitrogen

5/14 %

 Fertilizer situation

Ph ( , ºC6010%)

6 –  5

Consumption :One kilo in 1000 liters of water

Amount and method of use


Time consumed


Tomatoes, Peppers, Anguilla, Pumpkin and …

Before the first flowering, 2 to 3 stages, at intervals of 10 – 15 days

Strengthening the plant, increasing drought and frost resistance, better absorption of the elements, increasing yield

the vegetables

Apples and pears

Before flowering, 41 days after fruit formation, after harvest as soon as possible

Getting the first symptoms of frostbite

Improve the formation of fruits, young and wood, better absorption of elements, increase cold resistance, reduce frost damage

Nutrient fruits

Before flowering, after fruit formation, time to change the color of the fruit, after harvesting

Increased cold resistance, cracking

Less, increasing the size of the fruit, forming a better fruit


Growth (leaves), early flowering, when fruit is formed

Increased cold resistance, wider leaf growth, increased yield


Two-stage: 1 (First spray late March and early August 2 (second spray during fruit color change)

Increase size, improve color and quality


From the beginning of the formation of subsurface stems, it takes 2-3 times, at intervals of 10-15 days

Increase in size, increase performance


three steps .

Step One: 6-8 Legs

Step Two: Flowering

3- Appearance of the first boll

The plant is stronger and more tall

Cereals) rye, wheat and wheat .. (

1 – 2 times when the first node on the stem appears, after

Any climate tensions

Enhancement of plant and metabolism, increasing seed weight, increasing protein content, increasing yield

Cereals) rye, wheat and wheat .. (

Three stages: 1) in stage 2-6 leaf 2) growth of 50-90 cm 3) before the appearance of male flowers

Compatibility: The ability to combine with other fertilizers and surfactants. It can be used throughout the growing season without restriction, because it is a completely natural and non-toxic product that does not cause poisoning to plants, humans and animals.
Packing: half a kilogram powder
Aminosurin has a high permeability to the plant membrane and subsequently has very fast effects on plants. This product contains metabolic activators that have a unique effect on garden products. Its active compounds contain a high percentage of proline and serine, which plays a key role in metabolic pathways and helps plants overcome environmental stressors. Because of its high quality and precision in the production process of this product, it is used as a base for the production and processing of other amino acid fertilizers. This product has been approved by organic farming organizations around the world and has obtained certificates from Spain, USA, Japan.
Regular use of aminosurin results in the following

positive results:
1- With increasing chlorophyll concentration, it has a positive effect on photosynthesis.
2- Use of this fertilizer before, during and after stressful conditions (high temperature, low humidity, freezing, pest attack, hail, flood, etc.) have inhibitory and restorative effects on plants.
3- The use of this fertilizer will open the stomach as a result of increased photosynthesis and evapotranspiration and reduce respiration.
4- Increases pollination and fruit formation.
5. By balancing the microbial population of agricultural soils and contributing to the mineralization of organic matter, it improves the structure and fertility of the soil around the root.
6. Helps synthesize and transfer the structural proteins and enzymes.
7. Accelerated growth of root and air organs
8. Increased absorption of other foods
This product is fully organic and environmentally friendly.
Nutramine changed from the beginning of 2017 to the name Amino Soren, but in the same package and with the same analysis