South Green K 52

Potassium plays a key role in many processes of plant growth physiology, from protein synthesis to water balance and continuity in plants. Reducing potassium causes plant growth deficiency or jaundice and burns to the end of the leaf. These symptoms first appear in the old leaves. On the other hand, the symptoms of potassium deficiency in the plant decrease the plant’s stalk strength, which causes further problems in the transport of materials.
South Green K 52, which is made from fulvic acid and amino acids, has 20% absorbable potassium, which can be used both in foliar application and irrigation in soybean and agricultural fields as well as in fruit gardens, especially after formation It is recommended that this fertilizer, in addition to removing the potassium deficiency of the plant, which contains only the three macro elements required by the plant, can be prevented by increasing the concentration of vegetable sap during cold and freezing, and when the possibility of freezing occurs (this is a relative feature, and it is possible in severe frosts Not acceptable)

Compatibility: This solution has the ability to mix with most toxins, but avoid combining it with compounds that contain sunflower oil and alkaline reaction products.

Guaranteed analysis( W/V)


 20% W/W

Total nitrogen

  2% W/W

Fulvic acid

  5% W/W

Amino acid

 3 % W/W

Organic matter

 22 % W/W