Plant metabolite activator
The balanced combination lignocaine with seaweed extract, humic acid and fulvic acid is completely soluble in water. Consumption of this product improves plant growth, increases germination capacity, stimulates cell division, improves the quality and quantity of fruits, and enhances resistance to environmental stresses.

Guaranteed analysis( W/V)

Seaweed extract

50 %

Humic Acid


Fulvic acid


1- 100 g in 200 liters of water for use in broth
2- 100 g in 200 to 500 liters of water for use in drip irrigation
3- For tomatoes at the stage of transplanting 100 g in 300 liters of water

Compatibility: Combined with fungicides and pesticides for more stimulation and effectiveness
Packing: 100 grams
After using this product, you will see an increase in plant growth through increased cell division.
This product increases the quantity and quality of fruits in different plants by regulating plant metabolism and also stimulating the production of hormones (auxin and cytokinin).
It also has positive effects on the seed and its application increases the seed germination rate and increases the seedling growth rate.
One of the most important applications of this product is to increase the resistance of plants to various environmental stresses, including dryness, heat, cold and salinity. As a result, the health of the plant is strengthened and its freshness becomes longer and longer.
Recommended for a variety of products and can be used for irrigation, sprouting and seeding of seeds
Completely organic and environmentally friendly