South Green Anti Salt

One of the biggest agricultural problems in Iran is the presence of harmful salts and minerals in water and soil, including sodium chloride NaCl. The presence of these materials in the soil causes compression and impenetrability of the plant’s root and, as a result, weaken the root and dry the plant.
South Green Anti Salt contains 10% calcium and 7% fulvic acid, which, in addition to reducing calcium deficiency, with sodium leaching and removal of soil salinity, increases the absorption of soil elements by the plant. This fertilizer is specially designed for the dissolution and displacement of salt The findings are formulated in the soil.

Sodium water purification and removal of soil salinity
Increasing the absorption of soil elements by the plant
Increased root development
Solving calcium deficiency

Guaranteed analysis( W/V)


10 %

fulvic acid


Amount and method of use


Irrigation ( lit/ha)

Time consumed

Cucurbits (tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons and …)

10 ( lit/ha)

Throughout the growth period

fruit trees

20 ( lit/ha)


20-15 ( lit/ha)

Compatibility: Combines with other fertilizers and pesticides.
Initial testing is essential