South green Humic

Humic Southg green A humic liquid manure that is completely soluble in water, using this fertilizer improves the structure and content of matter to the soil and increases the water holding capacity of the soil, which reduces the leaching of elements from the soil. This fertilizer can be used as a leaf or irrigation fertilizer in each stage of the plant’s growth stages.
South green Humic features
Helping to absorb macro and micro elements and increase plant resistance to diseases and cold stress
It increases the cation exchange capacity of the soil and increases the stimulation and population of microorganisms
Reducing PH and salinity of the soil
Stimulates root development

Guaranteed analysis( W/V)

Humic acid

10 %

Fulvic acid




Amount and method of use



 (lit/1000 lit)

Earthy (lit/ha)

Time consumed

Cucurbits (tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons and …)

5-3  (lit/1000 lit)

7-5 (lit/ha)

Throughout the growth period

fruit trees

3-2  (lit/1000 lit)

20 (lit/ha)


3-2  (lit/1000 lit)

20 (lit/ha)


 Compatibility: This solution is compatible with most NPK, calcium, magnesium and pesticides pesticides.