South green manure

The use of organic organic fertilizers, especially the livestock, has long been of interest to farmers and gardeners, but due to the problems with the use of these fertilizers, especially the costs of storing it in fields and gardens, diseases and diseases, and gradually Due to the disadvantages of using only chemical fertilizers for soil texture as well as the health of humans and the environment, the trend towards the use of poultry and livestock fertilizers has been increasing, but the problems with the use of such fertilizers still remain. And even the costs of using them have multiplied.
But, with the help of modern technology, South Green manure is free from weeds and pathogens. Proper analysis of soils in Iran can have a significant positive effect on the chemical and physical properties of soil. All agricultural products are used in all types of irrigation systems and in soil formations. Meanwhile, by adding humic (organic), it prevents salinity.
Some of the effects of this fertilizer
Increasing the absorption of high-consumption food elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium
Accelerates germination
Increasing plant resistance to environmental stresses
Increasing the usefulness of soil microorganisms
Increase the absorption of chemical fertilizers if used simultaneously
Packing: Gallon is 20 liters

Guaranteed analysis( W/V)

نیتروژن ( Total nitrogen)






Humic Acid





500 ppm


1000 ppm

 Fulvic acid


AMINO acid

3 %

Amount and method of use


Irrigation ( lit/ha)


 (lit/1000 lit)

Time consumed

Cucurbits (tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons and …)

5 ( lit/ha)

20  (lit/1000 lit)

Throughout the growth period

To the visa at the early stages of vegetative and reproductive development

fruit trees

2 ( lit/ha)

20  (lit/1000 lit)


3-5 ( lit/ha)

15-20  (lit/1000 lit)